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Business ‘s Too

The best thing a business can do for it’s customers and community is to offer some form of incentive to help others. I encourage close friends of mine who own businesses to develop great ideas on how to provide value to others that have no relation to the business. I have a couple friends here in Vegas that own businesses, one owns a residential electrical company (, another owns a landscaping business. ┬áMy very close friend Hank happens to own a carpet cleaning business here in Vegas and i got talking to him the other day about how he can increase his brand awareness throBusiness service charityugh giving. Read more

Lets All Just Give Along  0

So happy to have our website up and running for your enjoyment. The best way we know how to contribute to our human society is to GIVE! When i say this i really mean, from the bottom of my soul, genuine giving. The best feeling in the world comes when someone gives of themselves unto others. Our society could not and would not exist with out all of us helping each other. Please give to your neighbor and any one else you come across everyday. Read more