My Man!!

So check this out! I just wanted to share this awesome story.


My close friend down here in Las Vegas is a wonderful person and a local business owner. He has been in the carpet cleaning business for many many years. Go check his site out at Superior Carpet Cleaners Las Vegas, great company and excellent service. Anyway he prides himself on delivering the best possible cleaning service available. The guy works 16 hours a day 7 days a week trying to make his dream a success. The company has 8 crews and 10 vans packed with carpet cleaning equipment. Need less to say the company is doing well. Bill has also struggled in the past with low points in the growth of his business. His main goal is to build a million dollar cleaning company so he can get very emotional about things. Every time he would hit a road block of some kind he would call me up and spill his guts about what was going on and how he desperately wanted things to change. Lucky for him i am a great listener and love the guy to death. I would from time to time give him bits of advice and encouragement but the last time he called and started ranting i had a great epiphany. My idea was for him to increase his businesses exposure in a not so obvious way. I told him to start doing random cleanings for free and give to his community and customer base. The hope was that this act of random kindness would spur an uptick of new business and hopefully push him past the tipping point. Well it worked! He did a few months of religious random free cleaning and the word got out. He was getting flooded with new business and had to hire a few new crews to keep up. Bill was the happiest I had ever seen him before and continues to give to his customers to this day. Lets just say that my good buddy Bill is now well on his way to making his dream goal of earning a million dollars a year with hid carpet cleaning company. This story is a testament to the utter power of giving and the effect it will have on your life and everyone around you. Love ya Bud! Great work.

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