Buy One, Give One

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Buy one, give one:

give it all

We all love the idea of buy one, get one but what if instead it was buy one, give one? This would be fabulous way of being able to pay it forward. There are many more ways and opportunities to be able to give online compared to the past ways of donating in a box or mailing in a check. One thing that comes to my mind is maybe you are shopping on the internet. If you are shopping for shoes wouldn’t be nice if you could also by a pair of shoes and shipped to someone less fortunate. People could sign up to be recipients of items they need and then you could choose from the list and send them some much needed shoes. Maybe you are like my friend who owns a towing company ( and you could just tow a few cars for free.

There are already many companies out there who do this on a larger level. For instance, when you buy blankets or bedding the company ships a similar item to a charity or organizations in need. One of my favorite places to shop is Barnes and Nobel bookstore. They always keep the spirit of giving at the top of their list. When you check you have the opportunity to purchase a children’s book to be donated. I have done this several times and I let my 7 year old pick the book and then he gets to be part of the giving cycle as well. Think about how enhanced your shopping experience could be knowing you purchase a certain item you are helping someone less fortunate. I for one have fallen on hard times and understand what it is like to not be able to afford something as simple as new clothes. Yes we had clothes, but they were from the second hand store. As much as I appreciated those second hand clothes, there is a little bit of pride in getting to wear something brand new. If we all gave a little each time it would make a huge impact without breaking our wallets. Helping others is a very satisfying feeling and creates good energy in the universe. I urge anyone reading this to take the time to find a way to buy one, give one. There a endless opportunities online and in stores for you to help someone. Like I said, we have all needed a little help from time to time, whether it is financially, spiritually, or emotionally. Think of who helped you in your time of need and be that person for someone else.

The opportunities to give are everywhere. As I walked past a homeless person looking for money I happened to be walking by Subway Sandwiches. I told him I would be more than happy to buy him some food. He picked out what he wanted and I went and purchased it. As I got a little ways past him I looked back to see him sharing his meal with another homeless person. That is true giving. My point is, you never know how many people your generosity
will affect. Please take the time to release judgement and don’t be afraid to help out a stranger.

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