Business ‘s Too

The best thing a business can do for it’s customers and community is to offer some form of incentive to help others. I encourage close friends of mine who own businesses to develop great ideas on how to provide value to others that have no relation to the business. I have a couple friends here in Vegas that own businesses, one owns a residential electrical company (, another owns a landscaping business. ┬áMy very close friend Hank happens to own a carpet cleaning business here in Vegas and i got talking to him the other day about how he can increase his brand awareness throBusiness service charityugh giving. He looked at me with a strange face at first but then i explained to him the value that others see in these random acts of kindness and not to mention the karma it would bring him. He does struggle a bit with his business so i thought he could start donating a portion of his revenue to the homeless shelter. Or even better do some charity carpet cleaning for a church or community organization. He took some convincing but eventually started to see my vision. I recommended a great church downtown that he could approach and a few other YMCA and Boys club organizations. He said he would think about it over the weekend and get back with me the following week to discuss the finer details of how to schedule this sort of thing. I said not a problem and would be glad to help you give back to the community. The following week we sat down a wrote out a plan of action that he could take to start putting himself and his business out there. Two weeks later he spoke with the church i recommended
and they gladly said yes to the free service. Well wouldn’t you know that every member of that congregation called him up and scheduled to have their carpets cleaned as well. Like i said before and i will say it again people. Give, Give, Give, and then Give some more!

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